1. Do you sell parts?

    No. We repair large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, cooktops and ovens.

  2. Do you buy/sell home appliances?

    Absolutely not. We always only carry out repairs of your appliances. We sell services.

  3. Is there a same day service option?

    Of course there is, but only if there are free technicians on the same day. Little tip: try to book your appointment before noon.

  4. Is there service on weekends?

    As a rule, we carry out a lot of orders on weekends. Therefore, it is more difficult to find time, but if you managed to make an appointment, then you are a real lucky person!

  5. Can you work in the evening?

    Yes, we can! Just make an appointment.

  6. Is there an additional discount for retirees and veterans?

    Of course, we try to make a special price for veterans, seniors and students. You can always get an extra discount!

  7. Are repairs guaranteed?

    Yes, we give a guarantee and in case of problems with our repair, we fix it as quickly as possible.

  8. How do you charge for service?

    Initially, we warn the client that calling our specialist costs $75 (this fee includes advertising, because we pay for each of your calls, fuel, toll roads, car wear and of course the time we allocate for our visit). We do not take money for diagnostics, we have it for FREE and this is an important point. After the diagnosis, the specialist will quote you the price of the part, labor and maintenance. If you agree to the repair, then the price for the Service call becomes free for you.

  9. Is there an additional charge if the technician replaces parts and returns?

    No. You pay only the agreed price.

  10. Do you clean dryer vents?

    Sure… This is one of our services.